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Dress Code

Members and Guests are required to conform to the dress regulations outlined below. These regulations have been instituted to maintain the standards desired by the membership. If a guest is not correctly dressed, it is the responsibility of the host member to remedy the situation. The following rules apply to the Clubhouse, Practice Facilities and the Golf Course

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The following attire is not permitted at Hartlen Point:

  • Metal Spiked Shoes
  • Non-Golf Sandals or Hard Soled Shoes
  • Shorts Higher Than Mid-Thigh
  • Sport or Athletic Type Shorts, Sweat Pants and Tracksuits
  • Any Attire With Offensive Slogans or Large Motifs
  • Any Authorized Footwear Without Socks
  • Torn, Frayed, Holes or Visibly Worn Out Clothing